You think you cant get pregnant and then it happens twice!

By Amy

Trying for a baby can be frustrating!

You keep yourself in good shape, you don’t drink or smoke, you eat healthily and you do what comes naturally as often as possible and even time things for when you should be at your most fertile. My husband didn’t know whether to laugh or cry I was so demanding at times!

But still nothing happens… month after month after month.

The months turn into years and you half give up trying, but half desperately want to become pregnant as soon as possible. You become certain that you just can’t get pregnant at all, and the depression sets in because you know your body clock is ticking very loudly telling you it is almost time up!

You consider all of the options available to you, you have tests to see who’s fault it is and what can be done about it, you make sure your plumbing is all in working order, and you try every ‘old wives tale’ and magic receipe that are supposed to help you conceive naturally. You consider IVF and the cost and heartache that can go with it. You even consider adoption if you can’t have a baby of your own. Then you try and try and try even more but still just cant get pregnant.

Then something happens that changes everything, you find the help and advice that you wish you had found years ago and ‘Hey Presto’ you are pregnant. Conception comes within months and your world changes completely.

That is exactly what happened to me after several years of trying.

Then not long after number 1 is born I find myself pregnant again with number 2!

Now instead of worrying that I cant get pregnant at all I’m now making sure I don’t get pregnant for a third time, a total reversal of my situation.

My change in fortune was not down to any magic formulas, voodoo or chemicals or drugs. I just found information on the internet after trawling through probably a couple of thousand ‘advice’ websites. The information I found changed everything and I learned things nobody had ever told me before. Things that made a real difference and helped myself and my husband conceive naturally after a very short time. Some things were not too pleasant to be honest, some of the natural supplements I had to take didn’t agree with my tummy, but the overall result was definitely worth it.

The information is there, all you need is to download it and use it. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

Click here to go get the information for yourself

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Planning is important even if you think you cant get pregnant

By Amy

So what is planning a pregnancy really all about? Even if you are having problems conceiving, or think that you can’t get pregnant, you should still plan for when it happens.

Some people seem to always have it easy, getting pregnant at the first attempt every time. And yet many people who really want a baby, and who would make excellent parents, seem to struggle on for years without any success. Treatments can be intrusive, impersonal, and also expensive.

Pregnancy is new to everyone at first. You are not born an expert on getting pregnant or planning for your baby. It can be a very steep learning curve for most people. So when you face problems with conceiving and just cant get pregnant nomatter how hard you try it can be an emotional and stressful period in your life.

What most people do not realise is that there are ways to help you get pregnant even if you have had problems forĀ  years. Even some physical restrictions and infertility problems can be overcome, and I don’t just mean by expensive IVF treatments. Just because you have not been able to get pregnant yet does not necessarily mean that you cant get pregnant at all.

I have been where you are now. I thought I would never become pregnant after almost five years of trying. the clock was ticking for me and my husband and the cost of IVF made it a very scary last resort.

Fortunately I found the information I needed, the information that nobody else had told me, and I was able to become pregnant TWICE within a three year period.

If you want to get your hands on the information that helped me, then click here.

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